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Personal Documentaries

A personal and customized documentary captures your precious life stories in a15-20 minute compelling film. 

Personal Documentaries

The film is an integral element in any funeral or memorial service and is a priceless gift that future generation will cherish. Strengthen the bonds between family, personalized your service, and leave your loved ones with an uplifting message.

Preserve Life Memories

Everyone’s story is worth telling. But, too often, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we forget to preserve our legacies. A personal and customized documentary of you sharing life stories is a perfect way to capture your most precious memories before it’s too late. It’s a totally unique and easy to personalize your service and leave your loved ones a keepsake they’ll cherish for generations.

How It Works

We travel to you on filming day. Filming generally takes 2-3 hours with breaks. Don’t worry about what to say - our expert interviewers know which questions to ask to capture the most memorable stories. After edits and adding photos and music, your DVDs and digital copies are ready.

We Take Care of Everything

Just schedule your filming session, tell us your favorite life memories, and you and your family can enjoy your personal documentary for generations to come.

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