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Green Burials &
Eco-Friendly Memorials

Natural Burials are becoming more and more popular in today's environmentally conscious society.  There are many options and ways of memorializing your loved one's legacy in ways that are eco-friendly and help to preserve our environment.

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Green Burials

Green Burials

Our funeral home is one of the few funeral homes in Miami, Florida that is prepared to provide a Green Burial.  We care and prepare your loved one without the use of chemicals.  Our staff can then arrange for a dignified service at the closest Natural Green Burial Grounds: The Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery.

Biotree Urn

Biotree Urn

Made of a mixture of bamboo fibers and other biodegradable materials, the Biotree Urn provides a more sophisticated and contemporary solution to a loved one’s desire to return to earth after life.  The unique design and processing method ensures healthy growth of the memorial tree.  

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Eternal Reefs

Eternal Reefs

The Eternal Reefs Program helps families honor their loved ones by creating an Everlasting Memorial in the ocean.  Cremated Remains are mixed with a material that is designed to mimic and replicate a Natural Reef.  This is a unique way of creating a special memorial that also helps our environment by revitalizing and restoring ecosystems.

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